Introducing the First FPS Skill-Based Slot Game

Gambling is always fun, no matter what sort of game you play. But, there’s no doubt that it’s just that little bit more fun when you know you can influence the outcome. Most gambling games are based solely on luck, and that’s why skill games are so sought after. It’s one of the reasons why Poker is so popular and played by so many people.


Imagine if slots were actually based on skill as well, how awesome would that be? Well, the realisation of this may actually be much closer than you would think. And we are on the cusp of seeing the first ever skill-based video gambling machine hit casinos in the United States. This is going to be a game-changer for casinos and players and could shake up the industry in a big way.


GameCo it’s the company behind this unprecedented move, and their CEO, Blaine Graboyes spoke about his desire to improve gaming for players. The VGM (videogame gambling machine) is very much like a slot game, but it has a controller, the sport you’d expect from an Xbox.


The idea of this is to combine the passions of gambling and videogames and merge them together. Players will be able to play a proper videogame in the casino and receive payouts based on their skill. It’s kind of a proponent of the eSports industry, which sees players compete for a financial reward. However, this could see players enter casinos and win money through their ability with computer games. It’s going to make the gambling world suddenly much more attractive to a lot of people.


Skill-based gaming is something that has been in the works for a long while, and it has finally come to fruition now. There are a few machines on the floor of Caesar’s in Atlantic City already. And, if they prove popular and successful, we could see these become universal.


The carousel-type machine will feature three separate arcade-style units where players will be able to enjoy single-player games and earn money at the same time. These games will all offer a story and narrative to help connect more with players. We could even wind up having the opportunity to do this in the future from our own living rooms!


Games Just Like Doom You Can Play Online

Doom is one of the original and classic first-person shooter games ever released. It pits you against monsters which you have to take out to progress through the levels. Doom has become something of a modern classic since its release in 1993. It set in motion a whole slew of sci-fi horror games that would hit the market soon after.


The first-person shooter, one of the most popular and ubiquitous of video game genres, was pioneered here by the release and success of Doom. You assume to role of a space marine, and you have to take out legions of demons throughout the game. If you are looking for any games that are similar to Doom, this is a list of a few of our favourites.


Wolfenstein: The New Order


The Wolfenstein series of games is one of the longest running and most popular. The first game was 1981’s Castle Wolfenstein, a World War II based strategy shooter. There have been 10 games in total released in the series, but we recommend The New Order as the standout. It’s a solid and engaging action-adventure shooter and acts as sort of a reboot for the series. The game was nominated for multiple awards and has remained popular among players and critics alike.


Far Cry


Far Cry is one of the most popular video games of the past decade. It takes the basic Doom idea of a first-person shooter but also winds up doing so much more with it. It’s a combination of a wonderfully complex and involved adventure and mystery game. If you enjoyed Doom, but always found the idea limiting, and you wished you could take things further, this is definitely the game you need to try out.


Serious Sam


Serious Sam, silly name aside, is one of the cooler and more original shoot-em-up games available to play. Take on the role of protagonist Sam Stone, as he fights against the alien forces of Mental, hell-bent on destroying the world. The game is one of the more fun and fast-paced. It’s unlike a lot of the first-person shooters you’re probably used to, and it’s less dark than Doom. This is the other side of the shoot-em-up coin, but it’s still one of the most fun games online you can play. Try it out now, and then you can play the most recent one once you’ve got the hang of it.  


The Best MMORPG Games of 2016

For those who don’t know MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online role-playing games. These games are obviously an online extension of the many role-playing games that populated the PC gaming space during the 90s and early 2000s, which were in turn inspired by the traditional “pen and paper” role-playing game formats that have existed since around the 70s.

The MMO has become one of the most popular genres on earth, and their popularity will only continue to thrive as this format moves to gaming consoles and as players demand more global connectivity and multiplayer functions. So how has 2016 been for MMORPGs? Pretty good by most accounts. Though very few of these games have been released in 2016, they have at least received an important update to the core game that keeps players coming back and maintains their enduring popularity. Let’s take a look.


Destiny had a lot to prove right out of the gate but unfortunately stumbled at the first hurdle. Many found the game’s shooting mechanics to be sound, but the quest systems, story, and progression to be incredibly lacking for an MMO. While the game sold well, critics were not kind. Developers Bungie took the criticism to heart and worked hard on implementing improvements as they continued adding expansions.

As of 2016, the content plan for Destiny is winding down as we approach the announcement of the much-rumoured sequel. It hasn’t all been sunshine and roses since Bungie decided to right the wrongs of the main game, and in some ways, they’ve largely had their hands tied by having to begin work on the sequel. The quality of the expansions will vary as a result, but ultimately Destiny is in a better shape in now than when it launched in 2014.

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn

Here’s another game that didn’t do quite well after it was unleashed on the world. Base Final Fantasy 14 was basically reviled by all but the series hardcore and left developers Square Enix with a conundrum. Either they leave the game as it is and arguably just leave it to die, or they take the time and effort to rebuild the MMO to be more player-friendly. They made the right decision and therefore came A Realm Reborn.

2016 is as good a year as any to get into Final Fantasy 14 because of this. Although A Realm Reborn did launch a while ago, some people are still put off by the impression they had of the game when it first launched. As of 2016, hopefully, those negative feelings have gone away, and you can now try the rebuilt version of the game out for yourself.  

Tom Clancy’s: The Division

The Division is the only game on this list that actually launched this year. Most certainly it has learned from the stumbling blocks games like Destiny have encountered previously, and overall had a much smoother launch. The Division merges the MMO format with a third person shooter. It isn’t unheard of, but The Division is probably the first game we can easily say pulls it off competently. I would honestly call it the best MMO of 2016 by the virtue that it does something new, pulls it off mostly without a hitch, and actually was released in 2016 unlike the other games in this list.

World Of Warcraft

The granddaddy of all MMOs is still going strong, and with a new expansion released in 2016, there’s never been a better time to go back to WoW. There’s not a lot to say about WoW that hasn’t already been stated. It’s the largest known quantity in the MMO space, and despite being nearly a decade and a half old seems to be chugging along just fine. There may come a day when WoW has to step down from the throne of being regarded as the “best” MMO, but that’s unlikely to come anytime soon.

Top Tech Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Most of the obsession with Bitcoins right now is how the currency can be traded for vast amounts of United States Dollars. A single Bitcoin is worth nearly $1000 right now, though a crash of sorts is expected in the currency before its next peak. Some purists despise this speculative currency trading, and instead, wish to use Bitcoin as it was intended; as a free and democratized currency that does not adhere to any governing third party’s rules.

If you’re one of these purists looking to use your Bitcoins instead of just trading them away, you’ve got to wonder; where can I use them? Look no further. We’ve compiled a shortlist of some of the most excellent ways to use your favorite cryptocurrency. Read on.


Reddit gets a bad rap. Usually, people define the message board site by its most harmful elements. A refusal to encroach on free speech on the site has indeed left some rogue parts of the board to fester and become incredibly hateful. For every one bad Reddit board, there are likely ten that are completely rational and civil. Regardless, this is beside the point. Reddit’s premium member functions can be purchased with Bitcoin, which is to be expected considering Reddit was one of the first places the currency caught traction due its sub-board dedicated to talking about it.


Looking for Bitcoin love? Dating site OkCupid will happily take your Bitcoins to allow you access to their premium features. Of course, if you want success on this dating site you better not fill your profile with talk about how much you love Bitcoins and the intricate workings of cryptocurrencies. If you do, what else will you talk about over dinner with your prospective dates? The key to making a real connection with someone is holding information about yourself back and gently easing it into the conversation as the date goes on.


Valve’s video game marketplace platform has long been at the forefront of technology and embracing the weird and wonderful creations of the tech-world. Their approach to non-regulation and open-source democratized technology is completely in line with the ethos that saw Bitcoin getting created in the first place. Valve actually hired an economist to work with them when renovating the Steam platform, embracing the mini-economies coming about thanks to avid fans creating and selling new content for their games. Steam and Bitcoin’s brand of weirdness is completely aligned.

Virgin Galactic

To the surprise of nobody, forward-thinking Richard Branson is more than happy to take Bitcoins when it comes to selling tickets on his premiere outer space airline. Admittedly, Virgin Galactic is still a long way off from happening for real, but that’ll give you plenty of time to save your Bitcoins for a trip to space. Trust me when I tell you this, you will go down in history if you are one of the first people to take a flight on Virgin Galactic. Not only will you be part of a privileged few to escape the planet briefly, but your name will be printed in the history books for generations to come. Possibly until the end of mankind.

Save The Children

Okay, so it’s not a tech company. It’s a charity. If you’ve got Bitcoins to turn and you aren’t going to exchange the currency for your own gain, then why not just give it all to a worthy cause? Just a few Bitcoins can mean a lot to a charity like Save the Children. Sure you can keep it all to yourself, or spend it on a trip to space, or an OkCupid subscription, or a bunch of video games, but don’t you want to give a little back to the world when you’ve been fortunate to accrue enough Bitcoins actually to spend?

Apps That Let You Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoins! The currency of the future (or so many tech enthusiasts will tell you). If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you’ve already got a few burning a hole in your digital pocket. While the user base of Bitcoin is growing by the millions year on year, adoption across the world is still pretty slow. Understandably most of the support for Bitcoins is coming from the tech sector, and while at the moment you can’t buy your groceries with your Bitcoins, you can certainly use them on apps.

Some of the apps listed here are Bitcoin-specific, but others are regular services that are forward-thinking enough to accept the currency. Either way, you’re going to get at least a few suggestions with what to do with them.


We’re starting off with the place Bitcoin arguably first got popular. Reddit is a message board. Well, it’s more a platform for message boards. If you want to talk about something I guarantee there is somewhere to talk about it on here. That can mean great things if you’re an enthusiast for an obscure discussion topic (again, how Bitcoin first caught on), but there are certain rogue elements of Reddit that are… well, not the type of people you’d want to associate with.

Regardless, Bitcoins allow you to buy access to premium membership. Sure you can pay in other currencies, but if you’ve got Bitcoins why not spend them?


Touted as a Bitcoin investment app, but it’s more like a change jar for Bitcoin. Effectively you link the app up to your regular bank account full of whatever fiat currency you use for daily non-Bitcoin expenditures, and then the app will round up the cost of your purchases and store the extra change as Bitcoin. Basically, if you buy a $9.99 DVD, the app will add on 1 Cent and store it as the Bitcoin equivalent.

The investment element of the app is tied to currency trading. If you’re looking to offload your Bitcoins for fiat currency, it might be best to use the app when the price of Bitcoins dips, or even crashes. It should then be easier, in theory, to accumulate Bitcoins through the rounding up process, and when the price goes back up you should be able to sell them for a profit.


If you’re bothered by the lack of adoption of Bitcoin in-store for major retailers, then look no further. The Fold app aims to expand Bitcoin’s reach by adding partner retailers to their system. Outfitting stores and training employees to deal in Bitcoin is probably not an investment that most big retailers want to deal with right now, but so long as the app is doing most of the work for them, they seem more than happy to take your money.

I haven’t used this app personally so I don’t know if you can walk into a supported retailer outlet and pay for your items. At the very least you should be able to buy items from their online stores with Bitcoin through the app, even if they don’t generally support the currency.


Gliph is kind of like the equivalent of eBay, but with support for Bitcoins. There’s not a tremendous amount more to it like that. If you’re not familiar with the concept of eBay, it’s an online marketplace for buying and selling items. Like a digital flea market, you can pretty much find anything on there. Gliph aims to be more than just a way to pay for these services via Bitcoin and intends to become the premiere mobile marketplace. There are definitely some big shoes to fill in that regard, but with any luck, they’ll manage it.


Looking for love in all the wrong places? You can give your OkCupid profile a boost by buying a premium membership with Bitcoins. Premium membership provides you with a gamut of extra features ranging from anonymous browsing, advanced search options, and making your profile appear more prominently in the randomized browsing. It’s not a bad deal if you’ve been struggling to find a partner to share your Bitcoin bliss with, is it? Just remember not to have your dating conversation repertoire limited exclusively to Bitcoins and how you spend them.

Online Games That Let You Play with Bitcoin

Is that digital wallet full of Bitcoins burning a hole in your pocket or what? Unless you’re waiting for the currency to shoot even higher than it is already (at a massive $925 per Bitcoin), then you’re just wasting them. Why not enjoy yourself with your Bitcoins? Play a few games with them. You might even walk away with a few earnings if that happens.

The question you’re asking right now is likely “what games?” Well, keep reading, and you’ll find out. I’ve compiled you a list of a few games you might be interested in if you like a game of chance or two. Be warned, though. Don’t play games like this if you were intending on keeping those Bitcoins for one reason or another. If you’ve got some to spare, however, then great!


Let’s start off with a game that’s nice and easy. BlackJack is probably the easiest card game going right now, but also one of the most enjoyable, especially when Mr Green is running the table. Most people think Baccarat is more accessible, but when the complicated third card rule is invoked that notion goes entirely out of the window.

BlackJack is effectively a game of numbers, with the aim being to get to 21 or at least closer to it than your opponent. This is done by adding up the numerical value of the cards issued to you. Each player starts with two, and is then given a choice; either stick with your cards or draw more. The risk/reward element of drawing more is based on getting closer to 21, but also running the chance of going over 21 and immediately losing. Sounds like a good way to have fun, right?


There are many kinds of dice games so I won’t go into describing the rules here. You might wonder how a game that physically involves throwing dice can be done online. Well, it’s all about the numbers. There’s no real technique to throwing dice properly, and the result is always random. So, a random number generator is created in agreement with fair gambling laws to simulate the generation of numbers just as you would by throwing a dice. It may seem controversial to leave the result up to a number generator designed for a casino site, but their generators are regulated and have to meet fairness standards before being deployed. One of the best dice casinos out there is MegaDice - an specialising in dice games that are provably fair, and that accepts bitcoins.


If you love a strategic game of chance, Roulette is for you. The core of the game is about knowing when to be bold and when to be cautious. A ball is rolled onto a wheel of alternating numbers colored red or black up to the value of 36. Now, the interesting part is how you bet. Lower risk bets are split into categories like red or black, between 1-18 or 19-36, odd or even, you get the picture. The higher risk bets are obviously by placing it on a specific number, but of course, you get a larger reward as a result. It’s a pretty thrilling experience, which is why it’s one of the most popular casino games around.


This one is pure chance. You buy a ticket with an opportunity to win Bitcoins. The odds can be astronomical at times, but the enjoyment is in knowing that maybe, just maybe, it could be you. There’s not a lot to say about lottery games, but if you win, you can either reinvest those Bitcoins or exchange them for some serious United States Dollars.


If you’re looking to win, maybe the slots aren’t for you. If you’re looking to enjoy yourself, however, then you might have a good time playing slot machines. Online slot machines are far more advanced than their offline counterparts in my opinion. Offline slot machines are pretty simple because you have the physical element of pressing buttons and pulling levers to entertain you, but that component is totally missing from online slots. Instead, they make up for it by increasing the complexity of the game by introducing bonus parameters for increasing your chances of winning. It’ll take a little getting used to, but it certainly increases the fun all the same.

Online Games Where You Can Win Real Cash

Everyone likes a bit of fun and games, but unfortunately, the daily grind of having to make a living means we don’t get to enjoy ourselves quite as much as we’d like. What if you could make an earning playing games, though? It could be your entire income, or it could be some additional cash that allows you to take it easy.

Now, you can’t just play any game. You can’t play Sudoku online for cash, as far as I’m aware. You need to get yourself into the realm of the traditional betting game. The solid, reliable earners. They take time, skill, and a little luck to get anywhere with them, but some incorporate a level of skill that should allow you to improve your skills and your payouts. Let’s stop beating around the bush; here are your options for winning real cash in online games.


The classic card game. Easy to play, simple to learn, but retains all the thrills of more complex card games all the same. The rules are pretty simple, it’s all about getting the numbers on your cards to add up to 21, or close enough. Each player initially gets two cards, with the option to stick with said cards or take more to increase the combined numerical value. It’s like a giant game of chicken, in effect. The more cards you take gets you closer to the magic number of 21, but also increases your risk of going over the figure and forfeiting your hand.


The rules of poker are too long to explain here, but it’s certainly one of the most popular card games online for a reason. If you want to feel like a real earner, this is the game you play. The rewards are significant, and there’s a strict psychological element you can use to your advantage. The so-called “poker face” is a term to describe players who do not project any kind of indication about what their hand may be. Poker online changes this aspect somewhat as you can’t properly read another player to know what kind of hand they’ve got, but all the same, it remains a game of projecting confidence in your cards and raising the stakes when possible.


Easy to play, and easy to win. Slot games are probably the most popular game both online and offline with people looking to earn a little money. Most offline slot games are pretty easy to understand and rarely introduce features that are beyond placing bets and pulling the lever. Online slot games are different and aim to give the player a little more to chew on by adding variable multipliers and a litany of bonuses to increase the odds of a payout. There’s ultimately no skill involved, however. The result, win or lose, are largely out of your hands and are only really based on whether the random number generation process favors you or not.


Again, Baccarat is a pretty easy card game. The one complication I would say there is, would be with the often invoked third card rule. It’s a pretty lengthy iteration of a tie-breaker. Now I know you’re thinking that ties are likely going to be rare, but in Baccarat they’re a relatively common occurrence. Personally, BlackJack is easier to learn, and Poker is more fun, but for the sake of variety in how you make your earnings learning how to play a few games of Baccarat may be in your favor.


Ah, the thinking man’s betting game. If you want to play the odds and make money without too many rules, here is where you do it. On the whole, Roulette bets are mostly split. You can bet on red or black, odd number or even number, or between numbers 1-18 or 19-36. You can also bet on an individual number. It should go without saying that there are varying levels of risk per type of bet, and that’s where the thinking comes in. Playing Roulette is playing the long game, and you have to prepare yourself for what kind of bets you expect to play five to ten turns in the future. It all depends on how you’re earning. Betting safe won’t accumulate big winnings, but likewise betting recklessly will only result in losses.

Use Bitcoin to Safely Play Online Games

If you work in an office, it is inevitable you will catch a co-worker playing online games. If computer use is being monitored by management, people will whip out their smartphones to quickly play their favorite games. Some simple games are free while the more exciting games require payment. One of the most popular types of games is an online casino with opportunities to win big. Instead of worrying about security and compromising your identity, use bitcoins. This is a safe means of conducting monetary transactions without the intervention of a third party. Use bitcoin to safely play online games and more.

Playing the Slots

Gambling enthusiasts no longer need to travel to Atlantic City or Las Vegas to play casino games. Now there are online websites where people enjoy visiting virtual casinos and playing familiar games. Satoshi Slot is a fun, flash-based game with great looking graphics. Experience the rush of being at a casino without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Use bitcoin to pay for these casino games without worrying about security issues. The money is available right away so you can start playing or continue without lengthy interruptions.

Conducting Online Transactions

Many people do not buy items at brick-and-mortar stores anymore. Or they might browse around at stores to see certain items then search for the best deals online. Either way, online shopping is here to stay. Shoppers like the convenience of shopping anytime and anywhere. Orders are delivered right to your door instead of lugging them home in a car or on public transportation. Use bitcoins to pay for a variety of goods and services. As long as the site accepts this payment method, it is a viable choice. The number of businesses accepting bitcoin continues to increases as the fees are minimal. This is a major incentive for most merchants.

The days of worrying about your financial security online are over. Bitcoin is an increasingly popular way to pay for anything you want, including games and merchandise. Learn more about how bitcoin works and start using it yourself today for secure transactions you feel good about.

Basic Facts About the Unique Benefits of Bitcoin

Once upon a time, people bartered when they wanted goods or services. A person might trade a loaf of bread for a dozen eggs. Then cash and coins were created to more accurately define the worth of certain items. Over time, other forms of currency were introduced including credit cards, electronic transfers and checks. Now the latest way to pay for everything from goods to Satoshi Slot games is the bitcoin. Discover more about what bitcoins are and why everyone is buzzing about using them.

The Evolution of Digital Currency

One of the advantages of doing business online is anonymity, which can quickly become a disadvantage when someone gets scammed. Another benefit is the ability to conduct transactions with buyers and sellers around the globe. Bitcoin is a type of decentralized digital currency that makes it easy to send instant payments to anyone in the world at any time. There is no central authority, such as a bank or government. Rather, bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to run. The network collectively manages transactions and issues money.

The Beginning of Bitcoin

Many people started to feel uncomfortable using financial methods that rely on a central authority. From security breaches to steep fees, there were many reasons to find another way to make payments. Satoshi Nakamoto created bitcoin in response to this growing demand. Once believed to be one person from Japan, now people believe Satoshi is actually several people who worked on this innovative project.

Money is Any Object

The concept of money being any object originated in the late 1990s. For example, money can be represented by an object such as a credit card or check. It can also be represented through records. Bitcoin uses cryptography to control the making and transfer of money. This is a secure, fast way to pay someone immediately. This is particularly useful for people who want to conduct safe transactions with people from other countries.

While people are still discovering the origin and function of bitcoins, they have become increasingly popular for good reason. Now all kinds of transactions are conducted faster and safer than ever before.

What You Need to Know about Online Casinos and the Bitcoin

This online casino is rapidly gaining popularity, especially because it is now licensed to operate using the bitcoin. Players can enjoy the use of the bitcoin by making deposits and withdrawals as much as they wish. For the new players, they can make use of the 100% deposit, which is a bonus to the amount used.

The casino has many online games that will keep you entertained, including such games as the Three Pigeons, Bally technologies, Nextgen Gaming, play N’ go and Betsoft, all of which are extremely entertaining. Moreover, you should not be worried about the games because they are well secured and are very user-friendly to the players.

When you decide to use the bitcoin to play the game, it is vital to know the current exchange rate. This is because some market forces will affect the bitcoin, and one will need to be careful on this. Using the bitcoin is also efficient since it is instant, and you can continue to enjoy all the games available.

Before you enter into the casino, it is considered a good thing to know if they use the bitcoin. This is done so because some countries do not have the services, and it will be disappointing to expect the services from them in vain.

Playing these games can enable you to win numerous rewards. For example, you can win any amount between 5000 and 50, 000 Euro pounds every month, which is good money. Besides, the game is licensed under the Malta lotteries, which also deals with the gaming authority.

Moreover, the games offered are of high quality, and you will not be disappointed since you will have more than 200 hundred to choose from. Since the makers of Bitcoin have given people the liberty to enjoy these services, you should not be left alone. The big jackpots offered will give you an opportunity to invest more.

You should make it a habit to use the bitcoin since they are legit and accepted by many casinos and especially Vera John. All you need is to make a deposit and enjoy the many games offered by the casinos.

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